Fried Green Tomatoes

Walking through the grocery store in my new town of Waco, Texas, the cover of the latest Taste of the South grabbed my attention. It had one of my favorite recipes featured, and it said we simply must eat them this Summer. I couldn’t agree more!

fried green tomatoes

Ninny Threadgoode: “Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a plate of fried green tomatoes like we used to have at the cafe. Ooh!”

Now some of us just can’t see the recipe without thinking of the movie. So I thought I’d share my Fried Green Tomatoes story with you, peppered with a few Fried Green Tomatoes quotes to spice it up!

Even though fried green tomatoes are widely accepted as a “Southern” food, this piece suggests the recipe may have Jewish roots, and began in the Northeast/Midwest.
Well, that’s the way it worked out for me! Walking through a grocery store in Kettering, Ohio one day, I noticed, for the first time, a display of enormous green tomatoes. It’s strange, because the produce section is by far my favorite part of the grocery store, and I have no idea why I hadn’t noticed green tomatoes sooner. Maybe I saw them and thought “Wow, those sure need some ripening. Passss!” But this time, I thought “Hmmmm…I wonder if I could – I dunno – fry them – like in the movie!” Epiphany! Quickly whipping out my trusty Chef’s Assistant (iPhone Google) I found this recipe. Then I snapped up those large, shiny tomatoes.
Ninny Threadgoode: “That frying pan did more than fry chicken that night.”

And just to show my complete ignorance, I had never used Panko bread crumbs before, either! Now, I am notorious for switching things up in a recipe and using what I have on hand, but let me tell you – for this recipe – the secret is largely in the Panko crumbs (Even though in Fried Green Tomatoes they say the secret’s in the sauce ;-). I was a bit too lazy or poor (can’t recall) to buy all the ingredients for the sauce they suggested, so I went with a trusty “home made” buttermilk ranch. That is, I bought the ranch seasoning packet and mixed it with mayonnaise and buttermilk. Come to think of it, I may have made this dressing because I was afraid my husband and kids would turn their noses up at the new dish without something familiar to dredge it in. It turned out to be a good move. But I’d still like to try the sauce. Here is our first ever plate of Fried Green Tomatoes!

They were so delicious. Everyone ate them. Now I dream of them. Like I do filet mignon. Raw oysters. Yogurtland yogurt from California. And now Fried Green Tomatoes.

Ruth: “You’re just a bee charmer, Idgie Threadgoode. That’s what you are, a bee charmer.”

By the way, do you have a homemade ranch dressing recipe you could share with me?
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