One Month A Texan


We’ve been Texans for one month today! Yeehaw!! Here are some highlights from our first weeks in our new home on the range.

* June 2 – We loaded the Civic back up to the gills at our hotel in Arkansas that morning and crossed the Texas border about thirty seconds later. The fourth day of travel was the most exciting because we were finally Texans! Picked up our new puppy, Miss Pepper, about an hour in (a scheduled stop), ate at Texan-approved burger joint Whataburger, and three hours later we were running through the empty rooms of our new home, full of delight and wonder!
*June 3-7 Woke up on blow-up mattresses & sat on the floor! We were so many days without furniture I wondered if I’d remember how to sit in a chair. But instead of whining about it, we got out & toured the area.
-the local farmer’s market
-Waco suspension bridge
-Lake Waco hike & bike trails
-Mayborn Museum
-Cameron Park
-Dr. Pepper Soda Fountain/Museum
And on the 7th day the movers appeared, and it was good! 😉

*almost as soon as our computer was set up, I was ready to start a new blog. I polled friends on Facebook about what they’d like to read in a blog by me and Growing Up People was born! I wrote my first posts (setting up categories and my About page) on June 9th. This month of blogging has been a huge highlight. I love growing this page where parents can find and share encouragement! Still full-steam ahead with my vision.

*We were also lucky enough to be invited to one of Joe’s new colleague’s house for dinner, and to have my sister and her kids visit from San Antonio in that first week. Moving to a new area can lend to some very lonely and isolating moments, so making new friends & seeing family made all the difference!

*between endless days unpacking, in the second and third weeks we visited our first local church, enjoyed real Texas barbecue for Father’s Day, returned to the farmer’s market and took evening walks as a family to explore our new neighborhood (in one direction, toward the shopping). This led to the discovery of a delicious local Hawaiian shaved ice place. We ventured out to a nearby community one morning and enjoyed some wonderful authentic Mexican food and discovered a great park in that area. We also enjoyed some Texas downpours and our first spaghetti night in our new home.
rain spaghetti baby

*This past weekend we were invited to meet our new friends at Waco’s Cameron Park Zoo. It was so impressive, I’ve planned a piece reviewing it and comparing it with some of the major zoos we’ve visited across the country. We had a great time! Then I braved the heat with the kids this week to find our neighborhood park and finally overcome some anxieties about the neighborhood and understanding its layout. This was a great, growing experience!
luke and kids
*Now, on our one month anniversary as Texans, we have our household unpacked and set up (with the exception of a few office boxes), we’ve made some friends, and we feel a lot more settled in.

Having moved several times, I know that the transition doesn’t end after one month. It can take months or years to feel at home in a place. My parents, who moved our family from place to place during Dad’s 32 year Air Force career say it takes three years to really feel at home. I’m an optimist, so I’m hoping I can cut that time in – say – half? Wouldn’t that be nice? We still haven’t decided on a home church, school in the fall will be an entirely new challenge, and we are still dealing with some residual expenses and issues from the move. But we love our new home so far, and I wake up each morning thankful we are now Texans!

Have you moved recently? Even if you haven’t – I bet you can look back over the past month and marvel at what you’ve accomplished or been through. You should try it! It’s fun and cathartic!


2 thoughts on “One Month A Texan

  1. You’ve adjusted well from living in the Midwest to settling “deep in the heart of Texas” ! Can’t wait till the kids start talking like Texans, y’all. Too sweet.

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