Karma, Bono, and a Stolen Scooter

“Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back.” Luke 6:30
(photo credit – flikr Creative Commons)

My sister was telling me this weekend that she feels compelled to help people. She sees a family, apparently destitute, languishing in an un-air-conditioned car in 98 degree Texas heat outside a grocery store. How can she give them air conditioning? she anguished. Knowing that we are still reeling financially from our move, she brought her family down for the weekend and bought all the food – and then some – for our “Cinco-de-Julio” celebration. She left us with a fridge full of food and hearts overflowing, where we might have otherwise felt spent from the expense of hosting guests. As I told her, it was both her “presence” and her “presents” that blessed us beyond words.

Luke 6:30 is the verse that compels her to give. She tries to teach her children this kind of generosity. When her son loaned a scooter to a neighbor, he naturally complained that the boy hadn’t returned it. It’s a tough lesson to accept that Jesus wants us to not demand it back. But I thought, suppose her son doesn’t demand it back, and he sees that neighbor boy riding it day after day like it’s his – well that might feel uncomfortable to see, right? But Jesus calls us to a life that’s uncomfortable – that’s in direct opposition to our human “wisdom,” sense of fairness and right.

Later, the discussion of “karma” came up as the cousins played together and we adults sat around the table chatting while we waited for the lasagna to cook. I tried to recall a quote by Bono, of U2, who is a believer in Christ. I really did a hack-job of it, in retrospect, because all I could come up with was the concept that karma is the idea we are perhaps born with – that “what comes around, goes around.” That people must always pay for their mistakes. That those who do wrong deserve punishment. Well, maybe that’s in our human nature because its essentially true.

But Christ came and upended karma entirely. He made it obsolete. We don’t have to pay for our mistakes, because he did. It’s mind-blowing. It empowers us, too, to act in beautifully “unfair” ways to others – like not demanding our scooter back. I have quite a way to go in learning and living this. But to say I was inspired by my sister’s Christlikeness is a huge understatement. And if her son is able to act out Jesus’ teaching and not demand back his scooter, I wonder if that neighbor boy will just wonder a little bit; What makes Christian different? Any other kid would be knocking on my door by now, maybe even have his mom by his side. What makes a person give and not expect a return? It’s counter-culture living that draws attention to the abolisher of karma; Jesus Christ. You MUST read the piece describing Bono’s thoughts on karma…

Bono on the difference between Grace and Karma

I particularly love this part: “Grace defies reason and logic. Love interrupts, if you like, the consequences of your actions, which in my case is very good news indeed, because I’ve done a lot of stupid stuff.”

Amen, Bono! Me, too!


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  1. Chris DeVault says:

    I absolutely love this, Amy! Actually, I’m going to incorporate it into my bible study lesson tonight. It’s PERFECT! I’ve been studying all day in preparation for tonight and was just packing things up ready to go. I felt as if there was something more needed, but just wasn’t sure what God wanted. As I gathered my things, I just prayed for Him to show me and was headed for the shower next, BUT GOD… (I love it!)… BUT GOD… led me to check facebook. Facebook? Since I’m not a frequent user of facebook, I didn’t realize at the time, the why of checking it. Or that it was even God who was leading me to it. Anyway… As I scrolled down through the many notices, I was about to close it, when your post caught my eye. It looked interesting, so I opened it and began reading. Oh my… oh my… I was stunned! Surely, it WAS God who led me to facebook and your post! And not only that, just in the “nick of time”! This was the missing piece for tonight’s lesson. This is what I have been teaching the church for the last four months! Your eloquent writing sums it all up!! God is soooo AMAZING!!! He gave me the grand finale… through you! =)

    1. amykucharski says:

      Aunt Chris I am so excited and honored God used this post to help with your Bible study! It’s truly humbling! God is so awesome, I love how he directs us to just what we need! Thank you, too, for taking the time to read and share your experience here. It means the world to me! I hope your Bible study was wonderful tonight!

  2. Channa says:

    Amen! Thanks for sharing!

    1. amykucharski says:

      Thank you for your comment, Channa! Thanks so much for reading!

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