Simple, Scrumptious, from-Scratch Chocolate Cupcakes


There are people who like chocolate.
Then there’s Seth(5) and me. We crave it!
Is it the same in your family?

I keep a bag of chocolate chips open in the cabinet for chocolate emergencies which – truth be told – happen every day! But one day the unthinkable happened.

We ran out.

Like some kind of foraging animal I searched the house for some morsel of chocolate. All I found was this box of Hershey’s Cocoa.

I should also mention, we were celebrating our Texas Monthaversary that night. See One Month a Texan.

The only thing I usually use the unsweetened cocoa for is from-scratch hot cocoa. The recipe is on the back of the can. It’s delicious, and such a fun treat on wintry days – also fun to show the kids what all goes into a cup of cocoa, but I digress… It’s summer now, and there are two other recipes on the back of the box! “Hershey’s Perfectly Chocolate Chocolate Cake and Perfectly Chocolate Chocolate Frosting.” This is probably common knowledge to many of you, but I’m a bit of a slow-learner sometimes!

I quickly scanned and confirmed I had all of the ingredients. Eureka! How often does that happen? But I had limited quantities – I didn’t really want to use up all my eggs and sugar, for instance. So I decided to cut the recipe in half.
So…1 cup sugar, 1 egg, and so on…

Since I was halving the recipe, I opted to make cupcakes. The full recipe makes 30, and I needed nowhere near that many anyway! We aren’t trying to get fat over here, sheesh! Another time I could make the whole recipe and share. I think I’ll definitely have some takers, after posting a picture of them.

It honestly took a very short time to mix the batter and bake them. I know a lot of people like to avoid baking in summer months, but I think these cupcakes are well worth the 30 minutes of heating up the kitchen! The recipe tells you that the batter is runny, and it really is liquidy compared to a box cake. But the difference in texture is divine! This cake is moist and fluffy and light where store box cakes are spongy and dry. The frosting was ridiculously easy to mix up, and was rich and chocolaty where store bought frosting is waxy and too thick for my taste. (Note: you’ll notice the frosting has “melted” down the sides of my cupcakes and small cake. The kids were so eager to eat them, I frosted while still quite hot. I didn’t care, cause I needed my chocolate fix, too! But letting the cupcakes cool first would make the frosting look better.) Another noteworthy difference is the cost! Sure, store bought box cakes can be cheap, but you’ll still pay at least $3.00 usually for the cake and frosting. You also “pay” for the fillers, chemicals, preservatives, and whatever else is in there beyond the basic ingredients. I’m not judging – I’ve bought dozens and dozens of these cake mixes in my lifetime and I’m sure I will buy them again. But for the purpose of comparison, this scratch cake tastes 100 times better and cost’s under $1 in ingredients when halved. Of course this assumes that you have the ingredients on hand, which I think is well worthwhile. Look at the kids’ faces! They say everything…

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Cheryl says:

    Chocolate seems to fix a myriad of problems—-boredom, loneliness , stress, and sadness. I’ve met maybe two people in my entire life who didn’t like chocolate and I considered them quite strange, really . I make gourmet chocolate chip cookies containing two kinds of chocolate , oatmeal, butter—many comfort food ingredients that my sweet Christian brothers and sisters at church will put in their trouser pockets and purses at potluck luncheons, to be sure they get theirs . It’s hysterical how they covet and revel in the love of chocolate or perhaps the love IN chocolate . It brings joy to most, therefore it’s just ridiculously delightful. I rest my case.

  2. Jo Ellen Covell says:

    I used to make chocolate cake and frosting from these recipes, too, but forgot them. I will have to make them again. I like the cupcake idea! I love the pictures of the boys enjoying it all!!! =)

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