Two Months a Texan

by Amy Kucharski, Waco, Texas
Photo Jul 12, 10 40 37 AM
Wonderful here
Green and bright
A sky full of birds
Warm quiet nights
The baby, she grows
Anew, each day
We’re hoping you’ll come, though
Hoping you’ll stay

So happy here
Our spirited boys
The grass is hardier
We’ve sorrows and joys
So much to learn still
So far to go
But visit us, see us
And we’ll call it home
Photo Jul 27, 8 36 09 PM

Yesterday was the anniversary of our second month as Texans! Looking back over my first month’s post in preparation for this post, I was reminded of how new things still felt after one month. A couple of days ago, I was driving home from the grocery store around the corner – something I’ve done probably at least 40 times in our two months – and a new familiarity dawned over me. I was driving home, I realized- not just “back to the house.” It feels good to feel at home. Yet I know there are many more transitions ahead; school will be starting up soon, we’ll be looking to make homeschool friends, we’ll be heading into our first Fall season here in Texas (it’s my favorite season, so I’m looking forward to that!)

Joe has been to New York City on a business trip and to Dallas to see a show twice, and to scope out their fabric store options. The rest of us haven’t left Waco since that first day we drove into town, June 2nd. The adjustments come in small increments, almost unnoticeable, but after another month, we can look back and say a lot has happened, and it has changed us.


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